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Status: Completed

Size: 250kWp

UK-based energy supplier E.ON has finished installing a 250kWp array on the roof of its £3 million (US$4.9 million) Energy Centre building in Cranbrook, Devon.

The installation will help power 2,900 homes in the area and will cut the centre’s annual carbon emission by 82 tonnes.

The curved roof of the Energy Centre presented a particular trial for the PV project installer, TGE Group. In order to maintain the integrity of the roof, TGE Group implemented a specialist mounting system based on a Euroclad fastening that did not penetrate the roof to house the system’s 1,063 Trina 235W solar panels.

Rupert Higgin, managing director of TGE Group said: “This was a challenging project but one that shows how renewable technology can be adapted to any building in order to meet the client’s needs and their energy requirements. The energy generated will help power new homes and give a glimpse of how communities in the future will power and run their homes and businesses.”