Status: Completed

Size: 1.4kW

Schneider Electric’s off-grid 1.4kW facility has been providing the Madagascan town of Marovato, and its 120 residents, with a reliable electricity supply for the past year and a half. The facility, which is equipped with Schneider’s Xantrex inverter and charger, circuit breakers, 18 920 Ah cells and 24 BP Solar panels, was developed in conjunction with the Jirano association, which helps supply electricity to Madagascar’s most isolated villages. Average output for the system is 7kWh.

Site Size: undisclosed

Equipment: Xantrex inverter, charger and circuit breakers, 18 920 Ah cells, 24 BP Solar panels

Cost: undisclosed

Construction Timetable: September 2009 - May 2010