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Status: Completed

Size: 1.5MW

The largest CPV solar power plant in Australia, as claimed by Australian CPV systems manufacturer Solar Systems, has become operational in Mildura in the Australian state of Victoria. 

The 1.5MW Mildura CPV demonstration facility is grid-connected and will be used to demonstrate Solar Systems’ proprietary Dense Array CPV solar conversion system. The first array consisting of 10 dish systems has been successfully commissioned and is operational, with the remaining three arrays of 30 dishes to be brought online progressively over the next few weeks.

The system will generate enough electricity to power up to 500 homes. Diamond Energy will purchase and utilise the output under a power purchase agreement signed effective from 17 December 2012.

The Victorian state government has financed the project with a A$10 million (US$10.4 million) funding package while the Australian Federal Government has also provided additional financial support. 

Solar Systems has plans to expand the facility to 100MW in late 2014 though this is subject to the successful operation of the demonstration site.