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Status: Completed

Size: 80kWp

British renewable energy company Solarsense has finished installing an 80kWp solar array on the roof of the UK’s first shopping outlet centre, Clarks Village, in Somerset.

The 500 square metre project is made up of modules provided by Scandinavian-German PV manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS).

Stephen Barrett, director of Solarsense said: “Solarsense has been running a parallel test with ITS modules versus three other big brands on our own roof at Helios House. Of the four 12.5kWp arrays we have installed, ITS is out-performing the other brands by as much as 8%. It is good to see that the greenest module on the market also has the highest yields.”

The installation is projected to generate more than 70,000kWh annually, reducing Clarks Village’s annual carbon footprint by more than 37,500 kg. The shopping centre will receive combined benefits from feed-in tariffs (FiT) and utility bill savings of more than £15,500 per year for the next 20 years.