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Status: Completed

Size: 56MW

A conglomerate of companies have wrapped up construction on a 56MW hybrid solar and wind farm in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

The facility, known as the Tahara Solar/Wind Electricity Generation Cooperative Operation, broke ground in November 2012 and officially began operations on 8 October 2014.

Back in November 2012, Toshiba stated than an investment of ¥18 billion (US$166 million) was needed for the project.

The plant has a 50MW generation capacity and will generate a combined output of 67,500MWh annually. 

Companies that took part in the development, planning and construction of the project include Mitsui Chemical, Mitsui and Co., Mitsui Shipbuilding and Engineering, Toshiba, CTech Corporation, Toagosei Co and Toray Industries.