Focusing on technology, the Photovoltaics International journal is specifically designed for the PV supply chain, including materials, components, equipment, manufacturing and large-scale utility installation. This in-print business-to-business publication influences the purchasing decisions of PV manufacturers, energy utilities and integrators by associating solution providers with high quality and independent technical papers.

Photovoltaics International Volume 36

Volume 36

In this issue of Photovoltaics International Fraunhofer ISE (p. 48) presents a concept for a bifacial, shingled cell technology that it claims tracks a cost-effective route to a 400W module using existing industrial-scale concepts. One trend now much more than a notion is the ongoing switch to monocrystalline cell technology. Recent findings from our market research team’s PV Manufacturing & Technology Quarterly report has forecast a 49% market share for mono in 2018 before seizing the majority share among c-Si cells in 2019. Mono wafer production giant LONGi discusses a number of approaches across manufacturing processes and materials that it believes will see further reductions in cost and improvements in efficiency in the near term (p.38).

The PV-Tech Power journal is focused on the challenges and solutions concerned with designing, building and operating commercial & utility scale PV power plants. It addresses technology and business issues which impact on reducing LCOE and protecting ROI.

PV Tech Power Volume 10

Volume 10

Who’d be solar market forecaster? Shifting sands in the two largest global markets coupled with a patchwork of emerging demand, that could as easily deliver several gigawatts as they could nothing at all, make the job a tricky one. A swell of registered projects in China in H1 slowed progress in H2 and there are signs of more of the same in 2017. Beijing based consultant Frank Haugwitz takes a deep dive (p.18) into China’s 13th five-year plan including the real meaning behind its decreased PV targets and the benching of efforts to promote distributed generation.