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Tariff Roof-Top Ground-Based BIPV Term
Portugal >5kW = $0.4323 <5kW = $0.5674 <11kW = $0.4404 12 to 250kW = $0.2905 250kW = $0.3513 <250kW = $0.3513 >5kW = $0.4323 <5kW = $0.5674 <250kW = $0.3513 20 years

Portugal is home to the world's largest solar panel factory and is therefore a huge investor in renewable energy sources. The country has ambitious targets for RES and is working towards reaching these by 2020.

Targets for the country include reaching a 31% share of RES on the final consumption of energy in 2020 and a 39% Share of RES on gross electricity consumption by 2010.

Nationally Portugal hopes to reach an indicative target of a 45% share of RES on gross electricity consumption by 2010 following national energy policy commitment.


<5kW (Micro-generation) =US$0,44/kWh (first 8 years) and US$0.249/kWh (7 years) (15 years)
>5kW < 250kW=(Mini-Generation) = US$0.29/kWh (flat for 15 Years) Above 20kW there is a disount auction.

2MW Slots from Public tender (150MW) = US$0.35/kWh for 20 Years.