Taking charge: Energy Storage Association CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman

Despite making huge strides forward, the energy storage industry’s work in helping stakeholders across the value chain understand the technologies and the roles they can play in a renewable energy future is far from done. Andy Colthorpe speaks with Energy Storage Association chief executive, Kelly Speakes-Backman, at the forefront of the industry’s push into unchartered regulatory, policy and public affairs matters.

Contenders: Long-duration technologies and who’s behind them

While lithium-ion batteries get most of the headlines, long-duration energy storage solutions are gaining ground. Alice Grundy and Andy Colthorpe profile some of established and emerging concepts in this this increasingly important class of storage technologies.

Redox flow batteries for renewable energy storage

As energy storage becomes an increasingly integral part of a renewables-based electricity system, new technologies are coming to the fore. Jens Noack, Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Chris Menictas and Maria Skyllas-Kazacos from CENELEST, a joint research venture between the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology and the University of New South Wales, chart the rise of redox flow batteries, a promising alternative to lithium-ion-based systems.

Merchant renewables: a viable investment or a bubble fit to burst?

After several years with a moratorium on renewable energy incentives and no new build, Spain is seeing a new generation of projects being developed without subsidies as grid parity is achieved. Whilst this has encouraged an increase in renewable energy projects, it could be harmful to profits and have serious economic risks for investors. ÅF Pöyry Management Consulting’s Javier Revuelta considers the potential risks of taking a long-lasting grid parity in Spain for granted, how to mitigate these problems, and why it’s relevant to us all.

Tools of the trade for corporate renewable energy buyers

A new toolkit has been launched to support companies in Europe that want to meet more of their energy needs from solar and other renewable energy sources. As SolarPower Europe’s Bruce Douglas explains, alongside much-needed regulatory reform the resource will help unlock the immense corporate renewables sourcing opportunity.

Getting hard on solar soft costs

Alumni from SunPower’s recently wound up project business are spearheading a new venture targeting large-scale solar’s soft cost problem. Ben Willis hears how they plan to harness the power of digital technology in tackling one of the industry’s persistent pain points.

Floating solar sets sail for common ground

A new World Bank-SERIS floating solar handbook has sparked a debate around whether standardisation could speed the segment’s voyage to mainstream success. A-listers welcome the guide but insist too strict a focus on streamlined design could hamper innovation. José Rojo Martin reports.

Sampling guideline for inspection and testing of PV modules in the field

Testing a sample of modules at an operational solar can help identify faults and underperformance in the wider plant, but which ones to choose? Authors from Mahindra Teqo describe a new methodology they have developed to Satish Pandey, Preetha Pillai, Sandeep Jadhav, Shyam Kumar, Gaurav Mishra, Rajesh Kumar Dhuriya.

O&M and asset management 2.0: optimising the sector through digitalisation

New technologies are helping revolutionise the management and profitability of PV power plants. Martina Pianta, Guillermo Oviedo Hernández, Constantinos Peonides, Will Hitchcock and Máté Heisz look at some of the digital innovations helping advance the deployment solar energy in Europe and beyond.