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Time is ticking down to the crucial COP21 international climate talks in Paris at the end of the year. On the table is nothing less than a new legally binding climate change agreement with the aim of keeping global warming within a 2°C limit. As an increasingly affordable clean energy technology, solar has a potentially pivotal role to play in helping the world make the transition away from fossil fuels to low- or zero-carbon energy sources. We have reported extensively in the past on calls for solar to have a prominent place in the debate over how the shift to a low-carbon energy system could best be achieved. To bring together our coverage of the build-up to COP21 and of solar’s role in delivering the agreement that many hope the talks will deliver, we have created this dedicated section of the site. If you would like to contribute views on solar’s place in the Paris talks and beyond, please contact Ben Willis at, or John Parnell, at on the PV Tech team.

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