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Driven by the rapid industry transformation, continuous technology evolution and increasingly complex market demands of the solar landscape in recent years, JinkoSolar has utilized its technical leadership to create cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. 

Presented for the first time during SNEC 2018 in Shanghai, JinkoSolar Cheetah module is commercially mass-produced monofacial module, bringing the industry into the new age of PV 4.0. Cheetah series has created a new benchmark for ultra-high performing modules with its industry leading performance in metrics such as output, limited degradation, shade tolerance, and durability. 

Andrea Viaro, EU Head of Technical Service from JinkoSolar will introduce features and benefits of Half Cell Cheetah module with a special focus on how the new module can minimize the LCOE and maximization the IRR of the plant. 

This webinar will include the following content: 
• Can the Cheetah technology be combined with all cell and module technologies, such as Poly, Mono, PERC HC or Bifacial? 
• Does HC and Cheetah technologies require BOS adaptation or specific components such as mounting structures or inverters? 
• We saw in the past the evolution from 5” cell to 6” cell, now even larger dimensions; is the trend to keep increasing further the cell dimensions and what’s the limit? 

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