On-Demand Webinars

November 8, 2023
Get expert tips from PVcase and Engie on how to improve the efficiency, accuracy and quality of commercial and industrial rooftop PV design using specialised software. The webinar session also includes a real demonstration on the design of industrial rooftop PV projects. Find out more!
October 10, 2023
In this PV Tech Webinar, Trina Solar’s product expert will share detailed information of the mass production of 700W+ Vertex N modules and how they are leading in the N era of solar energy. We will also be joined by experts from TÜV Rheinland – providing an analysis of N-type module power calibration – and PVEL, taking the audience through the reliability analysis of Trina Solar’s N-type modules.
September 27, 2023
Often described as the “brains” of a PV system, the inverter is key to the overall value proposition of solar. New features and operating modes, innovations in production quality and design mean choosing an inverter is more important than ever in the lifecycle of a PV project. In this webinar, expert speakers will discuss many of the common challenges the industry faces that can be solved by selecting the right inverter. You will learn what to look for in terms of features, product quality and design innovation, while the session will also include a special focus on safety.
September 5, 2023
Learn how to optimise the initial design of your PV plant to reduce the time invested and maximise the final return on investment and understand the key points to consider when conducting a preliminary grid connection study for your next solar project, and much more.
August 30, 2023
In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into Maxeon’s exclusive interdigitated back contact (IBC) panels and how they deliver third-party verified, best-in-class, real world advantages in durability, longevity and energy production. We’ll look at customer economics comparing Maxeon panels to common competitive panel types, showing why every homeowner considering solar should get a Maxeon proposal.
July 26, 2023
Stefan Van Niekerk, Head of Operations at BTE Renewables, and Gianmarco Pizza, Head of Digital Asset Performance Management at Fluence, discuss how advanced data-driven solutions are leveraging AI and machine learning can help renewable and storage asset owners minimise downtime, maximise energy production, and better manage operational risks.
July 5, 2023
Find out more on how battery energy storage can help capture intermittent solar generation.
May 10, 2023
This webinar features a short presentation from Roger Cai, DAH Solar sales director for Europe, where he introduces SolarUnit, the Full Screen PV module, and DAH Solar’s N-type TopCon modules. The company has some really exciting products based on addressing the biggest considerations of end-customers, as well as the biggest challenges facing installers and distributors.
November 22, 2022
The world’s industries are adjusting to life after the COVID pandemic. At the same time, the world’s energy systems continue moving to higher shares of renewable energy. Energy storage can help grids integrate renewable energy and meet rising demand for electricity, reducing volatility in electricity supply and pricing. However, large utility-scale battery storage plants face numerous challenges including high capital cost, low energy output, low flexibility, and safety issues. New technologies can drive the best economics for a battery storage project. For instance, advanced liquid cooling can dissipate heat more evenly from battery cells, with lower auxiliary power consumption, than HVAC systems. In this webinar, we will learn some of the key features customers should look for when choosing utility-scale or commercial and industrial battery storage solutions.
November 8, 2022
For anyone installing, investing in or selling solar PV equipment, this webinar will explain the advantages of the new Solis S6 hybrid inverter. With energy prices likely to continue to rise, energy storage becomes a critical choice for many. Choosing the right solution for the right scenario is vital and Solis will walk you through why this inverter is the right choice, highlighting the technological advancements versus its predecessor, the S5.