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The solar industry’s leading downstream publication, PV Tech Power addresses all key stakeholder groups accelerating the global large-scale deployment of solar PV and energy storage technologies. 

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104 pages

Highlights in this edition include:

  • The rise of solar-plus
    Jules Scully explores how PV projects are being adapted to their grid surroundings by connecting to other technologies.
  • String versus central versus modular: what’s next for inverter technology?
    Jonathan Touriño Jacobo hears how the design and configuration of inverters are continuously changing.
  • Optimising day-ahead forecasting using AI
    By Yoojin Lee, systems engineer and power forecast specialist at Enerparc.
  • How relations have changed between manufacturers and developers
    Amid sky-high prices and contractual disputes, Liam Stoker investigates how relations between manufacturers, distributors and developers have changed.
  • Drivers of growth in Germany’s largescale battery storage market
    Amid the need for greater energy independence, change could be on the horizon for Germany’s energy storage market, writes Cameron Murray.

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