Photovoltaics International Journal

Launched in 2008, Photovoltaics International remains the only independent journal within the PV industry that carries technical papers written by recognised industry experts, highlighting technological innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Latest Issue

80 pages

Features in this issue include:

  • How can digitisation and automation benefit solar manufacturing?
  • Fraunhofer ISE details the solutions available to reduce carbon emissions from PV manufacturing
  • ISC Konstanz reveals how close the industry is to low-cost IBC cells with efficiencies greater than 25%
  • As cells become ever-thinner, Hevel explores the trade-off between thickness and production losses
  • CEA-INES details its recent work in shingle cell integration
  • Industrial n-type PERT cells with doped polysilicon passivating contacts: Past, present and future

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