A future-proofed inverter: Huawei FusionSolar’s Intersolar Award Winner SUN2000-330KTL


Often described as the “brains” of a PV system, the inverter is key to the overall value proposition of solar. New features and operating modes, innovations in production quality and design mean choosing an inverter is more important than ever in the lifecycle of a PV project.

Intersolar Award 2023 winner FusionSolar SUN2000-330KTL stands out as one of the most reliable high-power (330kW) string inverters available in the market with a series of smart features. Huawei FusionSolar has always led the way in PV inverter industry innovation, such as leading the transition from central inverter to string inverter architecture.

The new generation 330KTL inverter has realised some new industry breakthroughs again and is a high-power (330kW) string inverter widely recognised for its exceptional reliability and efficiency.

In this webinar, expert speakers will discuss many of the common challenges the industry faces that can be solved by selecting the right inverter. You will learn what to look for in terms of features, product quality and design innovation, while the session will also include a special focus on safety.

Presentation Material

Presentation Material