For better rooftop & balcony solar: DAH Solar introduces SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated PV system


This webinar features a short presentation from Roger Cai, DAH Solar sales director for Europe, where he  introduces SolarUnit, the Full Screen PV module, and DAH Solar’s N-type TopCon modules.​​

The company has some really exciting products based on addressing the biggest considerations of end-customers, as well as the biggest challenges facing installers and distributors.

Products like SolarUnit and the DAH Solar Full Screen PV module not only look good, but also make design and installation simple and safe, while increasing efficiency and power generation.​

SolarUnit addresses the major ‘pain points’ for distributed solar PV customers: from upfront and lifetime cost concerns, to the complexity of installation, to their expectations of performance, safety and how the modules will look on their roof and balcony.

What you will learn from this webinar:

– How SolarUnit can improve ROI while reducing system, installation and maintenance costs

– The advantages of Full-Screen PV module technology

– How 1/3 cut solar cell technology can increase efficiency

Presentation Material

Presentation Material