How Tongwei Solar’s shingled modules can boost power output and reliability


The global PV market is entering a new era at unprecedented speed. The demand for high-power PV modules has soared, while interest in the future direction of solar technologies has intensified. Tongwei Solar is a leading company in the PV industry, with 230,000 tonnes of high-purity crystalline silicon, 54GW of cells and 7.2GW of module production capacity. In terms of modules, Tongwei can deliver a competitive advantage through leveraging its high-powered shingled modules, smart 5G automated factory, frequent product updates and excellent customer service.

This 1 hour webinar will provide an insight on the risk analysis and reliability of the company’s shingled module technology and its applicability for different European markets.

Further learning points:

  • A TÜV NORD study on risk analysis of larger size PV modules
  • TÜV NORD research on the reliability of high-efficiency PV modules
  • A comprehensive introduction to shingled technology and Tongwei’s 210 shingled module series
  • Reliability of shingled technology solutions
  • General compatibility of Tongwei shingled modules
  • Analysis of BOS and LCOE of shingled modules
  • Smart Solar will cover Value Engineering and Optimizing LCOE with Shingled Modules

Presentation Material

Presentation Material