Inside the empirical data analysis supporting the global adoption of ultra-high power PV modules


The proliferation of solar PV and other renewables is a cornerstone of the emerging new power system and, as a result, the solar industry has entered its fastest-growth period.

This has become typified by surging demand for high-power PV modules that both produce more power and are more efficient than their predecessors. Providing a significant boost to power outputs, large-format modules have become a popular choice for customers the world over.

Outdoor testing of modules is now providing empirical evidence of the benefits large-format modules produce, providing a crucial benchmark and invaluable data for customers to evaluate their module selection and procurement processes.

In this PV Tech webinar, experts from TÜV Rheinland, CPVT and Trina Solar discussed:

  • How to ensure science based and precision testing under field conditions
  • How empirical data is collected and analysed during TÜV Rheinland’s outdoor testing
  • How empirical data is collected and analysed during CPVT’s outdoor testing
  • The empirical data behind a 670W module’s ultra-high power
  • The core reasons behind the higher power generation performance advantages of Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex module

Presentation Material

Presentation Material