Solis introduces new Sixth Generation 3 phase hybrid inverter


For anyone installing, investing in or selling solar PV equipment, this webinar will explain the advantages of the new Solis S6 hybrid inverter. With energy prices likely to continue to rise, energy storage becomes a critical choice for many.

Choosing the right solution for the right scenario is vital and Solis will walk you through why this inverter is the right choice, highlighting the technological advancements versus its predecessor, the S5.

Energy usage requirements differ by country and this inverter allows adaptation to the needs of each individual market.

Compatibility with a wide range of battery brands ensures that users aren’t limited to one storage solution or restricted by possible supply constraints. It is also possible to connect up to 10 units to deliver a PV-plus-storage system of up to 100kW.

SolisCloud is the newly enhanced monitoring platform which can be connected to any solar PV system, storage or otherwise, free of charge.

Presentation Material

Presentation Material