Sungrow ESS: Technology to stabilise the grid


The world’s industries are adjusting to life after the COVID pandemic. At the same time, the world’s energy systems continue moving to higher shares of renewable energy. Energy storage can help grids integrate renewable energy and meet rising demand for electricity, reducing volatility in electricity supply and pricing. However, large utility-scale battery storage plants face numerous challenges including high capital cost, low energy output, low flexibility, and safety issues.

New technologies can drive the best economics for a battery storage project. For instance, advanced liquid cooling can dissipate heat more evenly from battery cells, with lower auxiliary power consumption, than HVAC systems. In this webinar, we will learn some of the key features customers should look for when choosing utility-scale or commercial and industrial battery storage solutions.

What you will learn from attending this webinar:

  • Current issues and challenges in the energy sector
  • An understanding of energy storage battery technology
  • A brief overview of Sungrow, its business and R&D capabilities
  • An understanding of the design and advantages of Sungrow’s liquid-cooled battery energy storage solutions
  • How liquid-cooled battery energy storage systems can improve project economics and extend equipment life, thereby increasing project revenue
  • Global references for Sungrow’s BESS projects

Presentation Material

Presentation Material