The importance of product reliability and system value of a 600W+ module in achieving the lowest LCOE


As the solar market continues to grow and become cost-competitive with fossil fuels in markets across the world, the industry’s focus has become one of ensuring the best possible levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) for each project.

This equation, however, takes into account far more than just the cost or power of modules and other components, and now the solar industry must learn to incorporate factors such as product reliability, mechanical load and overall system value to truly optimise LCOE and deliver a project that can stand up to the elements.

In this webinar, Trina Solar and Fraunhofer ISE experts discussed the need to incorporate these values into project economics, as well as:

– The 600W+ solar module market, ecology system construction and industrialisation

– Benchmark PV system BOS&LCOE and yield assessments

– 210mm module product reliability

Presentation Material

Presentation Material