The New Hybrid Experience: How GoodWe’s ES G2 Series inverter can provide energy autonomy for homeowners


The advanced technology and innovative features of the new ES G2 3kW to 6kW single phase hybrid inverter enable increased savings, with smart loading for optimally timed energy consumption. 

The product’s self-consumption functionality and reliable back-up power address load shedding and power outage issues, with smart home control and flexible application options, including a back-up parallel function and compatibility with high power modules, maximising energy generation to offset the impact of rising electricity costs. Generator integration allows for emergency recharging and the starting and stopping of the system when required.

Webinar key learning points:

  • How a true hybrid inverter operates to maximise PV based savings
  • New features incorporated in Goodwe’s new-generation hybrid inverter
  • How the ES G2 addresses the requirements of residential customers
  • Application & installation considerations

Presentation Material

Presentation Material