Understanding bifacial’s true potential: technology innovation and technical bankability of bifacial PV projects


Jinko Solar’s Head of Technical Services Europe, Andrea Viaro, will discuss the award-winning Swan bifacial module with transparent backsheet from DuPont, its features, benefits and differences vs. standard glass-glass modules. Jinko Solar’s new bifacial technology innovations will also be highlighted, specifically covering profitability in deployment at utility-scale PV power plants.

Andrea will be joined by Dr. Lars Podlowski, Executive board member of PI Berlin and Director Global Technical Services, who will give a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of bifacial PV technology, with a special focus on benefits and risks industry buyers and investors should pay attention to. Stéphane Lebeau, Senior PV Engineer of DNV GL, will discuss bankability improvement for bifacial technology.

Webinar Content: Gain a comprehensive introduction to bifacial PV modules, looking in detail at the different financial benefits and extra yield potential; Understand the impact of bifacial modules on the LCOE of a project: calculation of the higher energy generation levels for different environmental conditions and installation setups; Learn more about the bifacial product roadmap from one of the most innovative companies in the PV industry – the SWAN bifacial module and other innovative projects that are still to be launched in 2019 by Jinko Solar.

Presentation Material

Presentation Material