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This TechTalk Product Series webinar with Huayu New Energy was designed to help installers, PV project developers, asset owners and interested parties to increase their understanding of the HY-2000-Plus microinverter and its ability to meet the need for more cost effective inverter solutions that deliver higher performance and safety. 

This webinar was presented by Andy Tang, the overseas sales director for Huayu New Energy, with 10 years of global sales experience with solar inverters.

Webinar Learning Points:

  • A key safety feature for installers and end users is zero fire risk, due to lower input DC voltage (up to 60V), compared to issues with drawing arc from high DC voltage inverters
  • Gain insight into higher yields from each solar panel, due to the independent MPPT and 22Vdc start-up voltage
  • Become aware of the smarter PV system management and why module-level monitoring makes power output data and failure reporting comprehensive and clear for every solar panel in a system

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