LONGi expects to facilitate energy transition and technological innovation through China-EU cooperation


The 9th “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe” digital conference has taken place, with LONGi’s President of Global Sales & Marketing, Dennis She, participating on a panel of experts discussing prospects for post pandemic EU-China economic cooperation, where he gave insights on energy transition, climate change and technological innovation.

Initiated in 2004 by the city’s chamber of commerce, the Hamburg Summit is an important platform for business, political and academic leaders to discuss issues of mutual interest. The issues debated included the critical role of China and Europe in the world economy, global energy transition and carbon emission reduction, with links to climate change, technological innovation and sustainable development.

Solar power boosts China-EU energy transition and joint actions on climate change 

Due to the wide impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the global economic growth model has faced unprecedented challenges, especially in the environmental protection and energy sectors. “China and the EU will cooperate more in pursuit of carbon neutrality and energy transition and LONGi is fully prepared to contribute to these objectives through technological innovation and the global supply chain,”commented She. 

Regarding the issue of climate change, She underlined that, whether in Europe or China, the determination to achieve carbon neutrality is clear, with both China and the EU introducing legislation on new energy. 

“Over the past year, LONGi has maintained a 30%~40% sales growth in the European solar market,” She continued, going on to point out that, even under the restrictions brought about by Covid, European market share and installed capacity have maintained a steady growth, with local demand for new energy increasing rapidly.

China-Europe cooperation will accelerate technological R&D and new energy innovation

China currently bases its climate change related activities on national regulations governing conservation of energy and the promotion of low-carbon development, with various local governments also issuing special regulations when required. 

Dennis She believes that LONGi is already in a state of complementary and coordinated development with its European customers, with China having set up a solid foundation in supply chain, manufacturing and R&D innovation and the EU having its own insights and advantages in applied technology and market expansion. 

“LONGi will not only continue to provide solar products in Europe, but will also cooperate with local customers on technology applications and R&D innovation, extending to the possibility of cooperation on hydrogen energy,”She concluded. In terms of China-EU cooperation, LONGi sees positives in that both sides have the same goal of combating climate change. Based on the consensus on carbon neutrality, China and the EU will continue to focus on technological innovation and on working together to promote the energy transition. 

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