SOFAR PV & ESS innovations take centre stage at Intersolar 2024


SOFAR has unveiled its brand-new residential ESS PowerAll and SOFAR Cloud monitoring system at Intersolar Europe.

The three-phase PowerAll embodies the company’s commitment to simplicity, safety, flexibility and intelligence in energy solutions. With features including plug-and-play installation for reduced costs, built-in battery optimizer for automatic calibration, extended warehouse storage capabilities without recharging and parallel redundancy to prevent single points of failure, it sets a new standard in reliability and efficiency.

Safety is also paramount in the design. In addition to electricity and cell separation, aerogel pads and explosion-proof valves to mitigate risk of thermal runaway, there is also  comprehensive cell temperature monitoring for enhanced protection.

SOFAR Cloud – Energy Management in a Digital Way

The SOFAR Cloud provides an all-scenario O&M solution with real-time operational updates and decade-long historical data storage for fault analysis. Offering automatic upgrades and batch task processing, it optimizes operations with lower costs and delivers instant fault alerts. Designed for user convenience, the system supports mobile monitoring of millions of devices, allowing remote control to minimize maintenance related travel expenses. Its user-friendly interface, easy setup and adaptive interaction cater to global users, while the robust architecture ensures stability, security and quick issue resolution.

SOFAR PowerMagic – Maximize Your Commercial Values

The PowerMagic is endowed with an efficient liquid cooling system and intelligent temperature control, enabling unsurpassed cooling capabilities and energy efficiency. The modular design allows for seamless expansion on both DC and AC sides, accommodating up to 6 units in parallel with a maximum storage capacity of 8MWh. Its compatibility with larger cells and an anti-condensation design ensures longevity and lower LCOS, making it a game-changer in the market.

SOFAR PowerMaster – Optimal Utility PV Solutions

The PowerMaster is an industry-leading solution embodied with cutting-edge technologies. The 3+2 safety system ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation at all times. Notably, the air-liquid hybrid cooling system sets an industry standard by reducing heat dissipation loss by approximately 30%. Moreover, the modular design allows for flexible expansion, enabling a single chamber storage capacity of up to 3.93MWh for diverse capacity requirements.

Based on the proven capability to offer significant cost savings and ensure a stable power supply, industry partners PVSelected, EFFEKTA and Energynat signed new MoUs with SOFAR in Munich, underlining the company’s strength and influence in the European market and marking a crucial chapter in its journey towards global net-zero ambitions.

Executive VP Frank Yu believes that the release of the three-phase PowerAll and SOFAR Cloud represents another step towards achieving global net-zero goals through an all-scenario solution portfolio and the integration of clean energy and digital technology, commenting: “It demonstrates our commitment to accelerating the penetration of affordable renewable energy. By leveraging our R&D capacity, we hope to continue innovating and delivering solutions to power a sustainable future for all.”

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