Aurora Solar developing enhanced inline quality control system

Inline solar cell measurement equipment specialist Aurora Solar Technologies (AST) said it was collaborating with several leading PV manufacturers in Asia to develop and test an enhanced version of its Veritas visualization software and quality control systems.

PV CellTech Talk: Gordon Deans, founder & COO of Aurora Solar Technologies

Headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada Aurora Solar Technologies Inc., (AST) has already achieved what many young and aspiring PV technology enterprises struggle to achieve and that is win orders from major solar cell manufacturers. AST has developed a suite of measurement and software control solutions that provide the data to improve solar cell manufacturing yields.

Aurora Solar Technologies offers first inline bi-facial solar cell measurement system

Aurora Solar Technologies has introduced an enhanced version of its ‘Decima’ inline measurement system for quality control of bi-facial solar cells during production. ‘Decima Gemini’ consists of a specialized pair of Decima CD measurement heads that enables the sheet resistance of the wafers' back-surface field and emitter to be measured accurately and simultaneously.