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  • Dr Peter and Mr Waibi

    Life-saving solar: Join our Ugandan hospital appeal

    Editors' Blog | By John Parnell - 25 August 2015, 16:02

    PV Tech invites you to help deliver a potentially life-saving solar array to a hospital in Uganda. Find out how you can help with the project.

  • sunedison

    Adani dumps SunEdison in favour of richer contenders

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 19 August 2015, 19:47 | 1

    Despite Reuters and whole bunch of mainstream media as well as some specialists in the renewable’s field having initially pronounced a major US$4 billion JV between SunEdison and India’s large conglomerate, Adani Group was a done deal back at the beginning of the year, those that did so should re-acquaint themselves with the terms ‘memorandum of understanding’ (MOU) and ‘feasibility study’.

  • Module testing

    Your module passed qualification testing, but is it also durable?

    Guest Blog | By Rubina Singh,Dr Cordula Schmid - 19 August 2015, 07:00

    The Fraunhofer PV Module Durability Initiative is seeking overcome the fact that current certification regimes give no indication of a module’s lifetime performance. The team behind the initiative describe its latest findings.

  • Cracking the feedstock puzzle for larger solar ingots

    Guest Blog | By Til Bartel - 14 August 2015, 11:48

    How silicon feedstock is packed into casting crucibles can have a big impact on the size and cost-efficiency of the resultant solar ingots. Til Bartel looks at some of the latest thinking around this essential stage in the PV manufacturing supply chain.

  • PV Tech

    Dissecting ‘meaningful’ global PV manufacturing expansion plans

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 08 August 2015, 10:42 | 2

    PV Tech’s preliminary analysis of global PV manufacturing expansion plans for the month of July, 2015 provide a longer-term picture to future expansions rather than more immediate decisions, underlying a lull in ‘meaningful’ capacity additions.

  • Chinese solar

    Is China ready for 20GW in 2015?

    Guest Blog | By Frank Haugwitz - 27 July 2015, 18:14

    So far in 2015, Chinese domestic PV deployment has outstripped last year’s rates. A 20GW year would set a benchmark for China’s new five-year plan for solar development due to come into effect next year, writes Frank Haugwitz.

  • Solar and the road to COP21

    Guest Blog | By Alexander Lagaaij - 23 July 2015, 11:31

    Last week the UN hosted the first of three crucially important global development conferences this year, culminating in the COP21 climate change talks in December. Reporting on the event, Alexander Lagaaij saw evidence of an appetite for cooperation, but still no high-level understanding of the potential of solar energy to put the world on a more sustainable path.

  • Lark Energy

    UK policy changes designed to stop solar farm development in its tracks

    Editors' Blog | By Finlay Colville - 22 July 2015, 12:12

    If there was one clear takeaway from the consultation and impact assessment releases by the UK government today, it would be that the government does not want any more solar farms as of today, writes Finlay Colville.

  • Limit for industrial c-Si solar cells reached in 2030: what next?

    Guest Blog | By Dr Joris Libal,Dr Radovan Kopecek - 15 July 2015, 10:58 | 1

    PV technologists often face the question of what the next-generation solar cell work-horse will look like. Radovan Kopecek and Joris Libal of ISC Konstanz offer some answers.

  • munich

    EU PVSEC & Intersolar Europe co-locating issues

    Editors' Blog | By Mark Osborne - 08 July 2015, 18:31

    Mark Osborne offers a personal perspective on the decision announced this week to co-locate two biggest events in the solar industry calendar, Intersolar Europe and EU PVSEC.


  • Photovoltaics International 29th Edition

    Forecasting the evolution of a young, dynamic industry is by definition an uncertain business, and solar is no exception. Rarely, if ever, do the numbers broadcast by any of the various bodies involved in the PV prediction game tally, and even historical deployment rates remain the subject of hot debate. The paradox is that getting forecasts broadly right is going to become increasingly important over the next few years, particularly for those involved in producing the equipment that will support whatever levels of demand come to pass.



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