A 5 MW GoodWe Utility Project in Hungary and more to come in Central Europe

By GoodWe

According to the PV Inverter Market Tracker released by IHS this year, GoodWe has become the world’s 4th largest supplier of three-phase inverters. In a very short period of time, Central Europe has become another of the regions selecting GoodWe’s MT utility solutions. Judged by the pace of expansion, the evidence suggests that users across the region are increasingly recognizing the value of the GoodWe MT inverter and are consequently finding more applications for it in the region. 

At the heart of Central Europe, Hungary has been acting rapidly in order to meet its lower emissions targets in accordance with its European commitments. Latest reports suggest that this country is projecting to expand its solar capacity by more than ten times by 2030. One example of this remarkable growth is the utility project located in the Pest County, in an area that surrounds the capital city of Budapest, which is a heavily industrialized region where the energy demand has remained consistently high. 

For this 5 MW project, 68 GoodWe MT inverters of 60kW capacity were installed, helping the local communities to benefit from the clean energy produced with this powerful inverter. It is worth mentioning the renowned German energy company E.ON was involved in the execution of this project and that the GoodWe MT utility inverter has already been included on the list of approved inverters used by E.ON.

The holistic and diversified strengths of the MT inverter include different power capacities that range from 50 to 80KW, 98.8% efficiency, capability to fully operate at 50°C and oversizing capabilities of up to 50%, compatibility with bifacial modules, string level monitoring and PLC communications, AFCI. This inverter has become a sort of presentation card for GoodWe, having been successfully installed across large projects worldwide by international EPCs. High IHS Markit ranking and comparatively low LCOE have built up strong confidence for the Hungarian project developers and EPCs, which has helped GoodWe win out from all the European inverter brands. 

Over the past year, this inverter has been one of the most successful GoodWe products in the global market. From Turkey to Brazil and from India to Argentina, the number of MT deployments across the world has rapidly multiplied, confirming time and again that this inverter is one of those with the highest value and functionality per watt available in the utility market. 

GoodWe is thus increasingly seen as good value for utility projects and investors are realizing that integrating the GoodWe MT inverter makes for a good investment. Another important point which most customers take into consideration has to do with after-sales services. GoodWe has established 12 service centers across continents that have helped the company to give assurance to our customers and provide timely technical support. 

More and bigger solar utility projects like this in Pest County are expected to be developed in the coming years in Hungary, offering GoodWe a great opportunity to benefit the local market with this high quality MT utility grade inverter, now confirmed as part of the portfolio of heavy weight energy companies such as E.ON. We anticipate more good things to come, especially in the form of more and better GoodWe utility products and more strategic partnerships in Hungary in particular and in Central Europe at large.

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