Hopewind, Energy Depot, New Energy Link and ISC Konstanz join forces in study of energy system applications

By Hopewind

Hopewind has announced a partnership with Energy Depot, New Energy Link and the International Solar Energy Research Center (ISC) in Konstanz to initiate an innovative exploration of energy system applications. The ISC awarded consultant membership certificates to Ruby Lu, co-founder and COO of Energy Depot, Wang Kaizhou, founder of New Energy Link and Luo Shudong, head of Hopewind EMEA, to cement the relationship, which also involves a distribution agreement between the latter three organisations.

ISC founder Radovan Kopecek commented: “With European photovoltaics anticipated to enter the TW era by 2030, ISC is committed to continuous innovation in BC modules and their practical application in energy systems. In 2024, we will focus on research and development in system power generation efficiency, stability, network-based ecology and hydrogen energy. We warmly welcome Hopewind, a leading grid-forming ecology company, while also extending a warm welcome to Energy Depot and New Energy Link as they collaborate with power companies, industrial and commercial owners to accelerate the arrival of the TW era in Europe.”

Energy Depot Founder and CEO Roland Burkhardt added: “Energy Depot’s household energy storage products have already gained widespread recognition, having won the 2017 ESS Award and excelled in the Berlin HTW third-party testing for the fourth consecutive year since 2021. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we aim to concentrate on industrial and commercial optical storage as a key focus area. Joining the ISC Association and establishing a distribution agreement with Hopewind Electric in the industrial and commercial sectors marks a significant milestone for us.”

Wang Kaizhou stated: “As the first distributor member of the ISC Association in France, NEL Energy Link will leverage ISC’s ecological advantages and utilize the EDT Express supply chain platform, featuring a warehouse spanning 50,000 square meters, to create a leading one-stop service solution for industrial and commercial organisations in collaboration with Hopewind.”

Hopewind VP Sara Wang concluded: “Hopewind aims to become a world-class solution provider for power conversion and control. Our partnership with ISC and influential collaborators such as Energy Depot and New Energy Link will facilitate the introduction of advanced network-based ecological products into the European power grid, ensuring a more reliable and stable TW-level photovoltaic system in Europe by 2030.”

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