JinkoSolar Tiger Pro – Creating a New Benchmark for PV Module Safety

By Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar has announced that, according to the 2020/21 ‘Global PV Installer Monitor’, the company has both maintained its leading position as the most well-known PV module brand in the Australian market in 2020 and achieved the status of most purchased brand among those Australian installers surveyed. The survey was jointly carried out by EuPD Research in cooperation with SunWiz, a leading provider of strategic consulting to the Australian solar industry. The report also shows that JinkoSolar is still dominating the Australian market in terms of brand positioning, being the most exclusive brand in Australian installers’ portfolios and occupying the industry’s leading position in the distribution market. According to further customized statistics, JinkoSolar topped the Australian market in 2020 with 16% of the total market share, and ranked first in the Australian distribution market with a market share of 16.6%. 

Compared with large-scale utility equivalents, residential projects in the distribution market have higher requirements and greater focus on PV module safety. As the junction box is the only channel for the module’s output current, its reliability and safety are particularly important. The emergence and rapid development of large size cells and high-power modules has brought with it higher requirements in terms of the adaptability of junction boxes. Large current carrying capacity, small dimensions and excellent heat dissipation performance have become the main objective of R&D teams. The design of the junction box needs to ensure the continuous and stable output of a module throughout the product life cycle, while avoiding excessive shielding on the back of a module (caused at installation), which would affect the utilization of light. 

JinkoSolar’s R&D team focuses on solving industry problems and actively promotes the quality of its R&D work. Through simulation analysis, product prototype verification, manufacturing process development and reliability verification, JinkoSolar has launched a 30A high-current module split junction box, to ensure stable and reliable operation in a high-current environment. The company has applied for a national patent for the junction box, enabling its Tiger Pro series modules to become mature and high-quality products in the global PV manufacturing industry.

The data of an actual power plant project shows that the greater the current of a PV module, the more demanding the required safety level of the junction box becomes. The junction box connected with a Tiger Pro module has already fully taken into account the safety perspective, with the 30A high-current module split junction box achieving a 25% safety margin, leaving enough space for future applications such as battery efficiency improvement or new efficiency enhancement technologies. Moreover, it also has the following advantages:

  • The “+” shape design on the outer wall and the arc-shaped design on the upper cover of the junction box, providing a larger space for heat dissipation;
  • Module encapsulation, better safety;
  • Single core or multi-core, meeting different current requirements;
  • Special chip, better reliability;
  • Module diode patch, excellent heat dissipation;
  • TUV/UL Dual authentication guarantee.

The junction box and supporting components are already in mass-production, providing reliable power and security for the ongoing development of the Tiger Pro module series.

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