Kehua Tech 1500V SPI250K-B-H: The Leading Solution for Solar Power Plants

By Kehua


The industry sees a rising demand for lower-LCOE, grid-friendly, efficient and reliable products. 



Lower LCOE, higher power generation revenue

Kehua's new generation of 1500V string inverters up to 250 kW provides a 1500V big block design, 12 MPPT*30A and 1.5 times DC/AC Ratio, resulting in minimized costs for a power station and increased ROI for the owner. It is calculated that the solution can reduce BOS costs by 1% and increase power generated in a 100 MW station by 1.5 million kilowatt-hours per year, when compared to alternatives with a string system of less than 200 kW.  It is an optimal string inverter for a big block design.

Meeting design standards for nuclear-grade products

With nuclear-grade production certification, Kehua applies these standards throughout the design and production of its 1500V 250 kW string inverters to ensure reliability, safety and prolonged service life for customers. 

SPI250K-B-H is the first inverter in the world with an active AFCI function + fire risk prevention. Upon detection of a DC arcing fault, it can immediately activate electrical isolation for self-protection, avoiding hidden dangers. In addition, it provides timely alerts for users through its monitoring system.
The patented PID solution adopts decentralized suppression and repair of PV modules on the corresponding inverter string, enabling round-the-clock operation with reliable voltage protection and repair through flexible settings and adjustments according to specific module features, thereby protecting  modules and increasing power generated.
With patented algorithms, strictly selected components and innovative design, IP66/IP68 protection of key components and multiple protection in C5 anti-corrosion tests, it boasts superior adaptability to harsh environments, long-term outdoor operation and high returns. 



The 1500V SP250K-B-H string inverter is suitable for industrial and commercial distributed PV power projects and large ground mounted power stations for its unprecedented high yield, low LCOE and intelligent O&M.



Intelligent and high efficiency, provides stability throughout the life cycle

The system supports night SVG to achieve a quick response to reactive power within 30ms. When there is rated active power, it can output 48% of reactive power capacity, greatly reducing equipment, power loss and installation costs. The system supports a PLC intelligent communication box to enable fast response and dispatching, and I-V curve scanning for timely detection of module abnormalities, reducing losses by more than 60%. Integrating the three key features of  prevention, rapid troubleshooting and data analysis, it can reduce LCOE by 1%.

PV+ESS ——Multi-dimensional support for the power grid

PV+ESS represents the inevitable future of energy transition. As a global leading power solution provider, Kehua has developed mature PV+ESS solutions. SPI250K-B-H satisfies grid-friendly requirements for HVRT & LVRT, and is suitable for various grid construction and management projects. For grid troubleshooting, the system can intelligently record the power curve during the ride-through process for customers to learn real-time grid conditions along with a comprehensive analysis. Based on a new adaptive grid impedance dual-mode control algorithm, it can run on a weak grid (SCR<1.5). As shown in actual measurement, the waveform is stable and of high quality during HVRT & LVRT in grid-connected operations with equivalent grid-side inductance. Its reserved energy storage interfaces, plug-and-play functionality and high-efficiency supporting devices are also groundbreaking in the field of PV+ESS integration.



Third quarter of 2020, onwards.

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