LONGi supplies 11.7MW of innovative solar modules to PV plant in Chile

By LONGi Solar

LONGi has supplied 11.7MW of innovative solar modules to a PV plant within the Parque Fotovoltaico Libertadores in Los Andes Province, Chile, which is now supplying electricity to the local grid. LONGi was selected as the sole module supplier for the project. 

The plant, covering 24.4 hectares, was developed by D 'E Capital and constructed by EPC company Orion Power, with an investment of $12 million. There are 28,720 units of LONGi high-efficiency solar modules deployed at this PMGD (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuidos) project, with a projected service life of 30 years.

Francisco Lopez, Chile’s Deputy Secretary for Energy, attended the commissioning ceremony and emphasized the importance of the project. “Today we are inaugurating a PV plant that will inject 11.7MW of electricity into our national grid and will enable 9,000 households to receive clean and renewable energy from the Rinconada Community.” The Parque Fotovoltaico Libertadores project fulfils specific objectives compared with others, continued Lopez. “It has driven the development of a labor force and service sector, created a large number of jobs, and laid a solid foundation for our economic recovery.” 

“We are very happy to have LONGi solar modules deployed at the project. LONGi’s state-of-the-art solar technology will maximize the benefits of South America's abundant solar resources and reduce environmental pollution, quickening the pace of energy transition and sustainable development in Chile,” commented Dennis She, Senior Vice President, LONGi Solar.

The commissioning of the 11.7MW plant contributes not only to the recovery of the local economy and employment, but also to the development of renewable energy in Chile. Being the most innovative solar technology company, LONGi has been working constantly towards developing and delivering high efficiency, high reliability and high quality modules. The longer the life of a module, the more electricity can be generated, resulting in higher project revenue, which will in turn further accelerate the development of the PV industry.

According to sources from within Chilean government agencies, PV power generation will become the country's main source of electricity by 2030, and it is expected that solar PV will then cover more than 30% of the country's overall demand. LONGi firmly believes that PV power will support construction of an electricity and power infrastructure, and promote the green and sustainable development of renewable energy in Chile and across the whole of South America.

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