PV Tech Power Volume 35



120 pages

Highlights in this edition include:

  • Europe’s emerging solar markets
    Jonathan Tourino Jacobo explores how Eastern and Southern European countries have emerged in the solar deployment race as key players for the European Union to reach 740GW of solar capacity installed by 2030.
  • Transforming the Urban Landscape: BIPV and Nature-Based Solutions for a Greener, New Era of City Living
    By Dr. Arch. Silke Krawietz, CEO of SETA Network.
  • Managing Solar Portfolios by Performing Device- Level Analytics: Using AI and Data Science
    By Stuti Gupta and Abhishek Puttanna of Prescinto Technologies.
  • Texas PV market ripens as major global investors drive financing flurry
    Tom Kenning looks at the rise of solar power in Texas, where a beneficial tax regime and an abundance of project land work in favour of building out solar power generation.
  • Canada’s energy storage leaders have valuable lessons to teach
    Ontario and Alberta account for the bulk of Canada’s installed, planned and proposed largescale energy storage today. The rest of the country can lean on the experiences and lessons learned. Andy Colthorpe hears from developers and experts.
  • Italy’s grid-scale energy storage market: a sleeping dragon
    Cameron Murray writes about the nascent market for large-scale battery storage in Italy, which could see a massive expansion in the short term.

In this issue...

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