Building-integrated photovoltaics: guidelines and visions for the future of BIPV


By Dr. Arch. Silke Krawietz, CEO and Scientific Director, SETA Network

Renewable energy and, specifically, the integration of photovoltaics in residential development will play an important role in the context of global sustainability and resource conservation. Just like EPIA outlines in its Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) plan (2010-2012), as distributed PV and other renewable energy technologies mature, they can provide a significant share of European electricity demand. However, as their market share grows, concerns about potential impacts on the stability and operation of the electricity grid may create barriers to their future expansion. Additionally, low-cost, high-quality integration of PV in buildings and other objects poses major development challenges. The goal of the SEII is to unlock the potential for making PV a mainstream energy source, with special attention on aspects of system integration.

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The eighth edition of Photovoltaics International was published in May 2010. In this issue Enerplan address how the new FiT will impact the French Market, in Materials IBM and NREL discuss the pros and cons of UMG silicon and DERlab puts single-phase inverters to the test in Power Generation.

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