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Lessons from America’s 50 power markets


By John Parnell, Deputy Head of Content; Tom Kenning, Reporter

State energy policy | Acceptance of solar in the boardrooms and living rooms of America along with President Obama’s Clean Power Plan potentially put the US on the precipice of huge solar growth, but the patchwork of state solar policies remains a barrier. John Parnell and Tom Kenning look at some of the US’ leading solar states and ask what others could learn.


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For those in the utility solar business, 2015 has so far offered no shortage of landmarks. Since the start of the year, the record for the world’s largest PV power plant has been both equalled and beaten, with the completion in the US of the Desert Sunlight and Solar Star projects respectively. The industry has also notched up two important pricing milestones. In January 2015, news broke that a project in Dubai had attracted what was thought to be the lowest ever bid price for a solar project, of US$0.0585/kWh. That record proved short lived, however, when, in July, US firm First Solar revealed it had agreed to a price of US$0.0387/kWh for power from its 100MW Playa Solar 2 project in Nevada.

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