Trump’s cabinet picks: Make America polluted again

President-elect Trump has selected several of his cabinet members already, with the common theme being a shared climate scepticism and a kindred affinity for fossil fuels. The energy industry has reacted, with some despairing and others cautiously optimistic.

Everything you need to know about energy policy under President Trump

When renewables-novice and coal champion Donald Trump won the US presidential election yesterday, the global energy industry gawked in horror. Initial review of the Republican billionaire’s energy plans might leave the impression that the progress clean energy sources have achieved so far will be undone. A deeper look into Trump’s energy policy under adviser Kevin Cramer reveals a siege on existing regulation and a roll-back on spending.

Trump: ‘We need much more than wind and solar’

Donald Trump once again shunned solar and other renewables in favour for coal in his characteristic “America first” energy policy, while Hillary Clinton did not fare much better, but did at least reaffirm her commitment to fight climate change, albeit as an afterthought.

Nations sign historic Paris climate agreement: what now?

On Friday in New York, the historic UN global climate agreement was officially signed by a host of world leaders, signifying the unified global effort to tackle one of the world’s most insurmountable environmental and economic issues.

PV Talk: IFC on solar’s role in new World Bank Group climate plan

The World Bank Group recently announced its ambitious designs to add 30GW of renewable energy across the globe, in collaboration with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of developing countries. In conjunction with this, the International Finance Corporation, (IFC) has released its own milestone climate implementation plan, pledging to inject generous funding into concrete climate change initiatives.