AIKO and GCL Tech launch high-efficiency ABC module with low carbon footprint


AIKO and GCL Tech jointly launch high-efficiency ABC solar module with a low carbon footprint

AIKO and GCL Tech have jointly unveiled a high-efficiency module with a low carbon footprint, featuring n-type ABC (All Back Contact) technology and embedded granular silicon genes. The groundbreaking module, with a mass production efficiency of 24.2%, has already been given French carbon footprint ECS certification.

GCL Tech’s core granular silicon product, produced using the silane fluidized bed reactor (FBR) method, significantly reduces high-energy consumption steps.  Certification by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) indicates the carbon footprint for producing each kilogram of granular silicon is the equivalent of only 37 kg CO2.

The new module, resulting from a “strong alliance” between the two parties, delivers an impressive mass production efficiency of 24.2%.

GCL Tech VP Amy Song commented: “The combination of GCL Tech’s independently developed FBR granular silicon and AIKO ABC modules will set a benchmark for green manufacturing in the PV industry, with superior efficiency, quality, ultra-low carbon emissions and environmental benefits.”

Dr. Christian Peter, Managing Director of Solarlab AIKO Europe, added: “The collaboration between GCL Tech and AIKO to create the most efficient low-carbon ABC modules will deliver significant environmental and economic benefits to customers in Europe and worldwide. We look forward to ongoing complementary cooperation at higher technical levels, contributing together to the realization of a zero-carbon society.”

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