Autowell Songci Electromechanical launches  new generation monocrystal growth furnace

By Autowell Songci Electromechanical

Songci Electromechanical (SCEC) has officially launched its new SC-1600-III  monocrystal growth furnace, a product offering significant oxygen reduction, innovative software design and a one-click intelligent crystal pulling system, setting a new standard for high-quality and intelligent crystal growth.

The SC-1600-III offers an all-in-one solution to the industry’s challenges, addressing issues such as high oxygen content in crystal rods, difficulties in quality improvement, inadequate levels of equipment automation, high iteration costs and significant complexities in the modification process.

Following extensive batch data testing by leading solar cell manufacturers, the 36-inch N10 monocrystal growth furnace achieved an oxygen content reduction to 6 ppm, resulting in a 15% increase in minority carrier lifetime and a 0.1% improvement in cell efficiency. Similarly, the 36-inch N12 monocrystal growth furnace reduced oxygen content to 7 ppm, leading to a 20% increase in minority carrier lifetime and a 0.2% enhancement in cell efficiency.

The product is equipped with a one-click intelligent crystal pulling system. Using AI technology, the system simplifies the entire crystal growth process, allowing for stable automation from material loading to crystal pulling and tail growth.

In response to user feedback, SCEC has also significantly updated and enhanced the HMI software, with the user interface tailored to better suit user needs, utilizing a display approach that combines dynamic data with production curves. This provides users with a visual understanding of real-time crystal growth data and process changes. Additionally, the inclusion of the one-click operation button streamlines the entire process, from material loading to crystal pulling, furnace shutdown and ingot removal. The new underlying algorithm logic ensures precise temperature and gas convection control, effectively reducing impurity.

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