DAS Solar collaborates with UNSW to develop cell with an efficiency exceeding 30%

By DAS Solar

DAS Solar has announced that its CTO, Dr. Song Dengyuan, and Dr. Ned Ekins-Daukes of UNSW’s Advanced Photovoltaic Technology Research Centre have signed a collaboration agreement for a startup project focusing on the development of a solar cell with an efficiency exceeding 30%.

The so called SFOS super-efficient solar cell has a theoretical maximum efficiency exceeding 40% and will be based on DAS Solar’s silicon cell structure, which has already achieved an efficiency of over 26%. Additionally, a novel photoelectric conversion thin film material with singlet fission characteristics will be applied to the cell’s surface. When the incident solar photons from the sunlight spectrum interact with this material, the singlet excitations are converted into two triplet excitations, resulting in an exciton multiplication process. This leads to a quantum efficiency exceeding 100%, enabling the broad-spectrum utilization of solar energy and a significant boost in the current and voltage of the cell. Moreover, the wide availability and ease of deposition of this novel photoelectric thin film material makes the SFOS cell advantageous in terms of low cost and high efficiency. These characteristics align with the first principle of high cost-performance ratio that is essential for photovoltaic products.

DAS Solar chairman and president Liu Yong has committed to further increasing investment in scientific research, aiming to apply the latest technologies to the company’s already high-performance products, providing greater value to customers.

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