GoodWe consolidates position as comprehensive solution provider at RE+ 2023

By GoodWe

GoodWe has exhibited at RE+, the largest industry event for the US market, presenting its latest line up of residential solutions under the umbrella of EcoSmart Home, tailored for North American energy requirements.

Michael Mendik, country manager for the USA and Canada, commented: “GoodWe’s EcoSmart Home solution epitomizes our commitment to aligning our vision with household needs. Our focus lies in providing energy storage and backup power options, supporting our aim of offering homeowners cost savings and a reliable power supply while also promoting a sustainable lifestyle.”

Following the implementation of the NEM3.0 framework, North American homeowners  have been increasingly turning to solar storage battery integration to enhance their energy self-generation and consumption rates. EcoSmart Home offers a “solar plus storage” system, combining a hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery to create a self-consumption solution.

Taking as an example the ES-US hybrid inverter and Lynx Home FH-US battery, the inverter, with a power range of 5-11.4kW, is capable of integrating with multiple residential systems, while the Lynx battery has scalability from 9.6kWh to 19.2kWh, tailoring its capacity to meet the specific energy requirements of each home. In this “solar plus storage” system, the battery stores self-generated energy during off-peak periods and discharges it when electricity prices peak, minimizing surplus energy export to the grid.

For homeowners anticipating a future increase in energy use due to an EV charger, the ES-US inverter offers an optional EV charger function. This addition enhances the household’s energy self-consumption rate, further reducing electricity bills.

In areas with grid reliability issues, EcoSmart Home offers a backup capability by integrating an auto backup device (ABD) to configure either an essential loads backup or a full-home backup system. In the event of grid failure, the ABD will disconnect the utility, ensuring that the system continues to supply power to the house.

Also on display at the event was the GoodWe SBP-US (5-11.4kW) inverter, designed to address multiple storage applications in North America, including micro-grids, serving as a power backup solution, adopting grid-forming mode upon any interruption to power.

EcoSmart Home also features a smart Energy Management System (SEMS), allowing homeowners to remotely monitor and control the entire system.

Mendik concluded: “We’re delighted to offer a comprehensive range of residential solutions, encompassing energy generation, storage, charging and system management, which can address the diverse requirements of the North American residential market.”

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