GoodWe hybrid inverters once again recognised for efficiency by HTW

By Goodwe

GoodWe has been ranked the most efficient Asian hybrid manufacturer for the third consecutive year in testing carried out by HTW-Berlin (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft) on the company’s 5 kWp and 10 kWp PV-storage systems.

A total of 18 different storage systems in the 5 and 10 kilowatt power classes were examined to determine the German organisation’s System Performance Index (SPI), as part of “Electricity Storage Inspection 2023”. The two GoodWe hybrid inverters tested, the 5kW-EH and 10kW-ET, achieved an SPI of 91.5% and 94.1% respectively, using BYD batteries.

The SPI determined by the HTW researchers is an economic index and indicates how much a tested storage system reduces electricity costs compared to an ideal energy storage system. The better the efficiency-related properties, such as conversion efficiencies, control speeds or standby consumption, the higher the cost savings achieved.

Another focus of the study is the design of PV storage systems. The simulations and analyses carried out show that sizing the PV system as well as the storage system according to demand is particularly important from an economic standpoint.

The larger the PV system, the higher the CO2 emissions eliminated. Any suitable roof surface can be used to produce solar electricity in order to increase self-sufficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The use of the two tested GoodWe hybrid inverters and the installation of a simple PV storage system will pay off for a homeowner not only in terms of CO2 emissions, but also financially, as they can break even within seven years. Based on current rising energy prices, the payback period could shorten even further.

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