GoodWe outlines green energy vision with EcoSmart Home solution

By GoodWe

The EcoSmart Home, which is being rolled out in the UK, is a total green energy solution, incorporating  BIPV panels, storage and an energy management system – all provided by one manufacturer.

The Smart Home solution begins with power generated by the company’s building solution, which combines advanced PV technology with architectural aesthetics. Three types of solar panel will be launched into the UK market for residential, garage and sunroom applications.

GoodWe’s energy storage solution (ESS) comprises a Lynx home battery using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology and hybrid inverters to maximise energy output and self-consumption and facilitate back-up power.

The battery system stores excess solar power generated to feed into the grid to avoid restricting  production and, when production is weak, the battery will discharge to support consumption around the home.

Charge and discharge times can be set to enable the battery to be charged at off-peak rates and, if the charge level in the battery is low, the system can seamlessly switch to grid power.

The final component in the EcoSmart solution is the GoodWe Smart Energy Management System (SEMS), which provides total control over the home energy system, enabling monitoring of PV modules, checking energy consumption and the customisation of load working hours to maximise power output. The SEMS includes the GoodWe EV charger, which can supply power to electric vehicles.

Eugene Lucarelli, strategic marketing manager at GoodWe UK, claims EcoSmart is green, money-saving and a boost to domestic energy security.

“The EcoSmart Home solution is a visionary concept for domestic electricity that not only protects homeowners from rising costs, but is also a highly sustainable solution that can reduce a home’s carbon emissions and, crucially, at a time of increasing electricity grid failure, provide energy security even if the grid goes down. For installers, the days of having to source and fit panels, inverters and control systems manufactured by different suppliers is over. EcoSmart Home is a suite of products and control systems designed to work seamlessly together to provide a total home energy solution.”

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