GoodWe powers C&I sector with ultimate commercial storage solution

By GoodWe

GoodWe presents its BTC Series, the ultimate upgrade for C&I energy storage for multiple scenarios. The BTC is a three-phase, AC-coupled retrofit inverter that connects with high-voltage batteries ranging from 200 to 865V. It can switch to backup mode in less than 8ms, ensuring continuous power supply for critical loads. It offers 10% continuous AC overloading on backup for maximum power output and remote shutdown function for system safety. The active, reactive power and power factor of the inverter is fully adjustable, which makes it suitable for micro-grids and ensures grid stability for the whole system.


Electricity prices in places like Australia and Western Europe are known to be high and constantly rising. This can be a challenge when running a business with high electricity demand. System owners often complain about the lack of flexibility and how a PV system without battery is often insufficient, as peak energy demand usually exceeds PV generation and intake from the grid is often inevitable.

Moreover, demand charges – additional fees that utilities charge commercial customers for maintaining a constant supply of electricity – can account for more than 50% of total electricity costs for businesses.

Unstable grid, extreme weather and natural disasters can cause disruptions in electricity supply and affect productivity and industrial operations.

GoodWe’s BTC series 50 kW retrofit solution for C&I is designed to overcome these obstacles with its advanced features and meet other concerns that system owners may have, such as safety standards on roofs and O&M.


Self-Use Solution The battery will prioritize load consumption at times when energy from the PV system is low. In this mode the system owner can benefit from maximum self-consumption and cut bills to a fraction of the cost. It allows users to take advantage of price variations during the day and perfectly time their energy consumption and settings to fit their needs.

Backup Use Solution The battery can be fully charged and reserved for emergency use during a blackout. In areas prone to grid instability or weather disruptions, this mode can offer the peace of mind of knowing operations will remain unaffected in case of emergency.

Peak Shaving Solution allows the user to reserve battery power for peak loads to save on bills.

Enhanced Safety The BTC Series is equipped with all the latest safety features to ensure maximum protection for operations and peace of mind in any circumstances.

  • Built-in Remote Shutdown
  • SPD (Surge Protection Device)
  • RCM (Residual Current Measurement)
  • Overvoltage Protection

Easy O&M Soft costs usually account for 60% of total system costs in Europe. The BTC Series follows a simple, plug & play modular design, consisting of four sections (DC/DC, DC/AC, STS & EMS modules), which allows more flexibility and easier installation. It also supports remote diagnosis and maintenance. All these features are conceived to reduce total soft costs for the system owner.

Availability  June 2021

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