GoodWe wins TÜV Rheinland ‘All Quality Matters’ award for sixth year in a row

By GoodWe
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GoodWe has announced that it has won the AQM award in the residential medium power category at the recently held TÜV Rheinland congress. This is the sixth consecutive year that the company has been recognised by TÜV Rheinland and it cements its position as a leader in the distributed generation sector.

The winning product for 2020, GoodWe’s GW30K-MT inverter, stood out for its input capacity, conversion efficiency, power quality, output capacity and thermal stability. The inverter has become extremely popular, mainly due to its strength. It allows a maximum input current of 12.5A per string, making it compatible with high-power and bi-facial modules, and provides multiple communication options including RS485, WiFi, GPRS and PLC. Unlimited high-current and 10% AC overloading can boost the actual output power to 33000W.

To address safety requirements, the inverter is equipped with AFCI2.0 technology and high-performance processing chips, which ensure accurate identification and intelligent shutdown.

Fang Gang, GoodWe’s vice president and co-founder, commented: “With the current trend for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, high-power modules have become mainstream, as they help maximize the installed capacity in a given roof area. 30kW residential systems have therefore become a market standard and require higher current, which, in turn, requires high quality inverters. The answer to that is GoodWe”.

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