Huasun G12 heterojunction modules receive “Top Performer” recognition from Kiwa PVEL

By Huasun Energy

Huasun Energy’s G12 Himalaya series heterojunction (HJT) modules have once again been recognized in the “Top Performer” category in Kiwa PV Evolution Labs’ (Kiwa PVEL) 2024 PV Module Reliability Scorecard, based on their performance in Product Qualification Program (PQP) testing.

“Top Performer” evaluation is based on PQP results, which include six reliability tests: Thermal Cycling (TC), Damp Heat (DH), Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Light- and Elevated Temperature- Induced Degradation (LETID), Mechanical Stress Sequence (MSS), and PAN Performance.

In the latter, the Huasun modules demonstrated a power temperature coefficient of just -0.23%/℃, highlighting the inherent power generation advantage of HJT technology.

Huasun modules also exhibited high levels of reliability in MSS testing, which combines Static Mechanical Load (SML) and Dynamic Mechanical Load (DML) tests with Thermal Cycling (TC) and Humidity Freeze (HF) tests, simulating the extreme weather conditions modules can face outdoors.

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