Huasun launches Himalaya G10 series high-efficiency HJT solar module

By Huasun

Huasun has announced the launch of its new Himalaya G10 series high-efficiency HJT solar module. The module is the first HJT product to adopt double-sided micro-crystalline technology and, with its launch, the industry has formally entered the era of HJT 3.0.

The Himalaya module combines four ‘highs’ (high efficiency, high power output, high bifaciality and high reliability) with four ‘lows’ (low temperature coefficient, low attenuation, low LCOE and low carbon emissions) and inherits the excellent features of previous products, while power generation capability and  reliability have been upgraded.

Based on HJT 3.0 technology, the Himalaya module is based on 182mm HJT solar cells that adopt double-sided micro-crystalline technology with a small chamfer design, which maximizes cell efficiency and module power. Double-sided micro-crystalline technology replaces the amorphous silicon thin film layer with a micro-crystalline equivalent. By crystallizing the doped layer, the excellent passivation performance of amorphous silicon is retained, while the problem of parasitic light absorption is solved, which in turn results in an improvement in optical efficiency of the HJT cell and short-circuit current increases. In this way, the conversion efficiency of the HJT cell can be increased by more than 0.5%. The small chamfer design increases the effective power generation area of the cell, which can raise cell power by up to 1% per piece.

Sealed with PIB and integrated with light conversion film, the module has improved water resistance, stronger air impermeability and higher ultraviolet radiation resistance, which can further improve module reliability, reduce power degradation and guarantee the industry-leading 15-year product warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty.

The Himalaya G10-108 is an ideal choice for residential rooftop projects, with a maximum power of 450W, 40W higher than that of other modules of the same size, and an increase in average daily power generation gain of up to 6%. The power of the G10-144 module can reach as high as 600W per piece, with a maximum efficiency of 23.23%, and is suitable for commercial rooftops and utility projects, its performance superior to modules of similar size based on other technologies.

“HJT is the best technical solution in the ‘Zero Carbon’ energy era. There is no insurmountable uncertainty in efficiency improvement, cost reduction or applications and it will soon become a mainstream photovoltaic technology,” commented Zhou Dan, Huasun CEO.

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