Huawei Digital Power showcases smart renewable energy generator at Intersolar Europe 2024

By Huawei

Huawei Digital Power has showcased its next-generation all-scenario FusionSolar Smart PV and ESS solutions at Intersolar Europe, under the theme of “making the most of every ray”, its booth presenting cutting-edge solutions and global success stories for utility-scale, ESS, C&I and residential scenarios.

Utility: Smart Renewable Energy Generator Solution

Huawei has developed the solution featuring PV, ESS, load, grid and management system to drive PV power generation from grid following to grid forming. It aims to clear major obstacles in renewable energy development and solve the global challenge of increasing the grid integration of renewables, building a new power system with 100% renewable energy integration and application.

Innovative technologies are used to redefine the voltage, frequency and power angle, achieving higher yields, full integration and stable control. The solution has been rigorously tested in both strong and weak grids, and its adaptability has been fully proven in all power grid environments. In Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea project, the world’s largest microgrid has now been running stably for over eight months, supplying 100% renewable energy based on PV plus ESS synergy to a new city and setting a benchmark for GW-level microgrids.

By widely applying the smart generator and digital technologies, Huawei Digital Power aims to build high-quality and all-digital utility-scale power plants.

ESSThe New Cell-to-Grid Smart String and Grid Forming ESS Platform

Huawei has chosen string technology, from inverters to ESS, which uses controllable power electronics technologies to resolve the inconsistency and uncertainty of lithium batteries.

The new platform features full-architecture safety, all-scenario grid forming, full-lifecycle cost-effectiveness, and full-link digitalization. It is also built upon an open ecosystem and designed to foster the high-quality and healthy development of power plants throughout the lifecycle with partners.

One of the unique advantages of the platform lies in its grid forming capability, which is essential to improving the grid integration and consumption of renewable energy. As predicted for a project in Qinghai, China, when the short circuit ratio (SCR) is 1.5, the smart string and grid-Forming ESS can increase renewable energy output by 40%.

C&I: Brand New OASIS Solution

When energy transformation occurs, a PV system can bring about both fertile soil-like nurturing capabilities and oasis-like ecological surges, allowing thousands of industries to realize flexible and diverse business, leapfrogging on the energy oasis and empowering thousands of industries with technological innovations, so that green energy and electricity can be fully utilized. A PV system helps a company generate green electricity and enables diverse business operations, so Huawei has upgraded its C&I smart PV solution to a FusionSolar OASIS solution, which is an acronym for the following:

  • “O” is for one stop solution: With the most comprehensive solution capabilities, Huawei provides customers with a one-stop solar energy solution.
  • “A” is a variant of the number 4: It represents the four core products of inverter, optimizer, energy storage and EV charging.
  • The first “S” is for solar and ESS: Sunlight is the source of solar energy, which makes it possible for energy transition in various industries.
  • “I” is for Intelligent: Huawei’s intelligent solution helps C&I owners achieve easy transition towards clean energy and smart energy management.
  • The last “S” is for safety: Safety is a top priority for C&I products and a technical principle that runs through the solution.

Huawei FusionSolar C&I OASIS is a one-stop solution that integrates optimizers, inverters, ESS and chargers to help industries go green and low-carbon by providing system-level active safety and stronger capabilities for the supply of green power and power grid support.

Safety is especially critical in C&I ESS scenarios. Huawei has therefore proposed its innovative safety architecture and linked all breakpoints on the safety line. For example, the SUN5000 series links RSD to AFCI to secure not only property safety, but also personal safety. AFCI protection is triggered when RSD is activated and can also achieve SSLD plus RSD, protecting the device and personal safety.

The Huawei FusionCharge solution can integrate with a PV system and ESS to provide a seamless, high quality infrastructure which is futureproof and offers multiple benefits. The solution consists of the FusionCharge liquid-cooled Power Unit and charging dispensers. The maximum power of the power unit can reach 720 kW and the charging current of a single connector is 500 A. The innovative fully liquid cooled design extends service life to 10 years and reduces fault rate and O&M costs. The power unit adopts a power sharing matrix to save power grid capacity and enhance power utilization rate. In addition, the reserved DC bus can support smooth coupling with an ESS in the future. The synergy of PV, ESS and charging technologies can achieve intelligent peak shaving and eliminate the need for reconstruction of the power grid for capacity expansion. Customers can flexibly configure fast or ultra-fast charging dispensers as required and enjoy a smooth system evolution in the future. Generally speaking, the FusionCharge solution helps maximize power grid utilization, solves the bottleneck of insufficient grid power, relieves the pressure on power grid integration and improves green power consumption to promote low-carbon mobility.

Residential: A Home that Always Shines

From home to community, FusionSolar residential envisions bonding neighbours with VPP for energy independence, with Huawei Digital Power upgrading the FusionSolar residential one-fits-all solution that includes optimizers, inverters, ESS, chargers, SmartGuard, EMMA, management system and APP. The one solution is applicable to all scenarios, with one vendor providing all products and one service contact meeting all  after-sales requirements. This solution enables households to achieve energy independence and redefines the user experience with worry-free operation, ultimate safety and excellent quality.

The solution covers efficient power generation, long-lasting energy storage, whole home backup, intelligent management and active safety. It empowers home energy management throughout the process, from green power generation to intelligent power consumption, from zero-carbon homes to zero-carbon communities, from energy independence to Energy Internet.

One of the key devices for realizing the vision of a zero-carbon household is the residential energy storage system. Via its Module+ architecture innovation, Huawei FusionSolar’s residential LUNA2000-7/14/21-S1 Smart String ESS has achieved a 40% increase in usable energy capacity; a new industry benchmark with up to 15 years of service life; a 5-layer safety protection system, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability, plus a cable-free, plug-and-play setup that cuts installation time in half. With its extended product lifespan, ultimate safety design, optimized installation, user experience and superior quality, the FusionSolar residential smart PV solution has already provided stable and reliable green power to over 3.3 million households worldwide.

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