Huawei launches full range of FusionSolar Smart PV and ESS solutions in Africa

By Huawei

Huawei Digital Power has launched its full range of FusionSolar Smart PV and Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions for the Sub-Saharan African market at the 2022 edition of Solar Show Africa.

“We know that Sub-Saharan Africa is ideally poised to take advantage of renewable energy and solar in particular,” commented Victor Koyier, Vice Director of Huawei Smart PV in the region. “But we also know that digital technologies are key to unlocking its potential. We believe that our full suite of Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV and ESS solutions will help stakeholders in the utility, C&I, and residential scenarios by ensuring that solar systems are more affordable, more effective, and easier to maintain.”

The solutions launched by Huawei in Africa include FusionSolar Smart PV Solution 6.0+, which enables a PV system to be adapted to various grid scenarios, especially in a weak grid environment, and Residential and Commercial & Industrial Smart PV solutions offering all-round clean energy to homes and businesses respectively, with optimised electricity costs, active safety, smart operation and maintenance (O&M) and intelligent assistance for an enhanced experience.

“These solutions are ideally positioned to help advance the adoption of renewables at all scales across the region. Take the active safety feature, for example – the industry-leading AFCI technology enables precise fault detection and emergency disconnection, which drastically improves system safety. We can also increase power generation by over 2% under the same conditions and increase installation volume by up to 30% while using the power optimisers in C&I and residential scenarios, which can be directly translated to further electricity cost reduction. By bringing the knowledge that we’ve accumulated in the ICT space to the power sector, we can help make the supply and management of energy smart,” Koyier concluded.

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