JA Solar launches global industrial and commercial green development initiative

By JA Solar

JA Solar has taken the lead in launching a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing climate change and fostering the sustainable development of industrial and commercial organisations on a global scale. Partnering with over thirty companies worldwide, the initiative seeks to bridge sectoral divides and industry chain barriers, paving the way for green and low-carbon development strategies for the industrial and commercial sector.

Entitled the ‘Global Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Green Development Initiative’, it underscores the urgent need for collective action in combating climate change. Through this collaboration, JA Solar and its partners are committed to raising awareness about low-carbon environmental practices, advancing energy efficiency and efforts to reduce emissions, fostering the development of a circular economy and prioritizing the use of green energy through technological innovation.

Acknowledging climate change as one of the paramount challenges of our time, JA Solar’s leadership in this endeavour underlines the critical role of rallying the global industrial and commercial sectors to bring about substantial change. Through the synergy of their collective knowledge and resources, the coalition endeavours to forge a green, low-carbon value chain, making a substantial contribution to the worldwide shift towards a sustainable economy.

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