JinkoSolar releases N-Type TOPCon module white paper

By JinkoSolar

JinkoSolar has published a white paper on its N-Type TOPCon module, the first in the industry to expand on the technical and application scenario direction for the post-PERC era, seeking to provide guidelines for the development of the next-generation mainstream TOPCon technology.

Once JinkoSolar had officially launched its Tiger Neo N-Type module, based on a 182mm wafer with an efficiency of 22.3%, the company, together with its industry partners, reached a consensus on TOPCon development and authored the white paper to clarify the technological and economic benefits of the evolution from PERC.

With PERC efficiency reaching its limits, the transition to N-type TOPCon technology is necessary to move the PV industry forward with increased efficiency and reliability, since this will enable plant investors, developers and project owners to improve ROI and customers to better utilize solar power during the zero-carbon era.

N-Type TOPCon technology has three main highlights:

* A higher bifacial factor will result in a “true” bifacial module

* The combination of lower degradation with zero LID and LeTID will significantly reduce the gradual decline in power generation performance due to exposure to the environment.

* The lower temperature coefficient will maximize irradiation utilization, while overcoming power loss due to increased heat.

With continuous enhancements to fit different application scenarios, N-type TOPCon will enable the PV industry to enter the next era of technology, with the white paper serving as a valuable reference point for Tiger Neo modules. Going forward, JinkoSolar will be happy to jointly work on solutions with industry partners and customers to facilitate ongoing N-Type development.

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